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A non-chlorine shock treatment designed to destroy waste compounds that have built up in the Spa water. REFRESH will burn out chloramines that build up as a by-product of chlorine use, and assist in keeping the water clear.

Arctic Pure Refresh helps prevent you Spa or Pool water quality from deteriorating. Add Refresh weekly to remove organic contamination from water without increasing chlorine levels. It also reduces unpleasant chloramines. Refresh is the ideal shock treatment for chlorinated or brominated water,but should not be used as an alternative to your day-to-day sanitiser.

Make sure that the spa or pool is not being used when adding this product.
Only add when the circulation is running.
Add refresh at a rate of 15gms per 1000ltr (220 Gal)
Always pre-dissolve the product in a clean plastic bucket of water before adding to spa or pool.
Wait at least 15 minutes before use.

Ideal for after spa use. Keep cover off and allow circulation for 20 minutes. 900G

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