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Spa Frog Conditioning Cartridge for use in Spa Frog floaters or in line systems.

  • Spa Frog mineral systems work with low levels of bromine and minerals for the highest water quality and ease of use.
  • Cartridge fits Spa Frog in line feeder systems as well as Spa Frog floaters
  • Each conditioning cartridge lasts 4 full months
  • Conditioning cartridge allows up to a 50% reduction in bromine usage¬†
  • In line systems are factory installed in some spas from many spa manufacturers including Caldera, Hot Springs, Tiger River, Lime Light, Marquis, Emerald, Leisure Bay, Saratoga and more.
  • Used in conjunction with the Spa Frog Bromine cartridge, sold separately
  • Simply change the cartridge every 4 months or at each water change
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