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FreeFlow Watkins controller 303030 or WAT3030303 model VS300 system control box with 4kW heater.

Power requirements: 120/240 VAC 60hz, 16/32A, Class A GFCI-protected service (circuit breaker rating = 20A/40A max)

3 wires (hot, neutral, ground)/ 4 wires (hot, hot, neutral, ground)

This version of the VS300 spa pack is the exact replacement configuration and part for Watkins Freeflow spas.

Freeflow Spa VS300 System Outputs

120v pump 1, 2-speed
120v ozonator (ozonator voltage must be same as pump 1 - ozone runs with pump 1 on low speed)
12v spa light
4.0 kW heater at 240v (if running 120v, heater output is about 25%)

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