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Arctic Pure Boost, or stabilized chlorine granules; is a strong oxidizing agent that controls bacteria and algae in hot tub water.

Size: 680 g


Super chlorinate a freshly filled hot tub by adding 20gr of Chlor-Aid per 1,000L of water. Maintain water circulation for at least 15 min before entering the hot tub. Repeat the super chlorination process after each hot tub use.

Maintain proper chlorine residual by adding 10gr of Chlor-Aid per 1,000L of water, daily, or as needed.

In case of low sanitizer levels resulting in; persistent foam formation, turbid, or unpleasant smelling water, add 30gr of Chor-Aid per 1,000L of water and maintain circulation for 30 minutes. In this scenario, wait 4 hours before entering the hot tub, allowing the sanitizer levels to return to recommended levels.

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